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About the company

It is no coincidence that we begin our story in Herzegovina.
The headquarters of the company is located in Ljubinje, in the southeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
This small Herzegovinian municipality is rich in a large number of plant species that are considered among the most medicinal. Due to the large number of sunny days, the collision of the Mediterranean and mountain climates, and the poor karst soil, in which only the healthiest plants can survive, the products made from these plants are among the highest quality that you can find on the market.

HETI is just taking its first steps, and we can proudly point out that the partnership and the request for packaging under the customer’s brand were offered to us by renowned companies from the country and abroad.

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Best Organic Products

Respect for nature, and understanding of its functioning along with many years of experience in treating medicinal plants are the key to the effectiveness of products under the HETI brand.

In developing through ethical ways and the ways of nature, we want to gain the trust of our customers and bring the joy of health from untouched nature into homes around the world.

We are proud that in this oasis of medicinal herbs we have rounded off a range of completely natural products that include a large number of herbal teas, tinctures, essential oils, cosmetic products, and even balms whose strictly guarded recipes have been passed down from generation to generation.

All our production takes place under strictly controlled conditions, and the products can be found on the market only when accredited institutions have performed the necessary analyzes on health and approved their release on the market, once again confirming the quality of our herbs.

We firmly believe in creating a nurturing business ecosystem, for long-term sustainable growth and environmental protection, social responsibility and responsibility towards nature.

This is one of the reasons why we do not use any chemicals or harmful substances when treating our herbs and during the production process, providing you with the ultimate pleasure with the magical touch of nature.

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