The most valuable resource Bosnia & Herzegovina has is its people. With high tertiary enrolment rates, the country is fortunate to possess great depth in its human capital, providing an optimal environment for BPO vendors looking to hire, retain, and replace career-oriented professionals. 

Very high youth unemployment rate (45.8%), including among university graduates with technical and business degrees; an average gap between education and first employment of around 8 months; 125,000+ seeking first-time employment High social proximity where youth share strong European values and emotional closeness to customer markets; significant minority of diaspora returnees Deep pools of un- and under-employed talent educated in business, finance and accountancy, law, marketing and technical professions such as architecture, design, and engineering. 



  • 65+ specialist BPO/KPO providers (est. 2018) 
  • 2,750+ employed (est. 2018) 


  • 3 MONTHS to fill 50+ customer management or IT helpdesk positions


  • Now: horizontal functions (e.g. CM, F&A, HR) and a small number of BPO sub-sets (e.g. ITO, LPO) 
  • Within 2 years: ‘Work-at-home’ CM and limited industry-specific knowledge service verticals (e.g. architecture and engineering services, design and digital marketing, etc) 
  • Vast potential to develop strategic “supplier partnerships” with established local service sector companies, using leased associate or sub-contracting.

“Let us choose the best fitted employee.”