Website Speed and Performance Optimization


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Website speed and performance optimization Best Practices


OF WordPress website speed and optimization on any hosting

A 90+ WebSpeed score

Improve Core Web Vitals

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
how to optimize website

Up to 7%

increased conversions

Up to 40%

boost in visitor engagement

Up to 53%

increase in mobile traffic engagement

Website Speed

How 10Web Booster works

With 10Web Booster you get complete frontend and
backend optimization along with comprehensive
diagnostics on what affects your site speed.

Automated website performance optimization
from A-Z, in one platform.

No manual action is required from your side – we cover
the technical parts automatically.

how to optimize website

Fully optimize backend speed on 10Web hosting

Caching and optimization plugins cannot boost your website speed from the backend because WordPress core entirely relies on your hosting solution to reach and maintain a superfast website.

Faster TTFB

< 200ms

WordPress speed optimization

Server performance accelerationServer Performance Benchmark runs several performance tests of PHP and MySQL. This affects the speed of WordPress admin and dynamic pages.

< 10s

WordPress performance boost

< 0.8s

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